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Directed by: Andzej Gavriss


Malaria is a short film that depicts the downfall of an ordinary hard-working citizen, who loses his job, is bitten by a mosquito, and descends into a fever and sickness. While being ignored by those surrounding him and finding himself in the darkest of places, this citizen's journey ultimately leads him with no other option than to live in the streets - houseless.

It is a metaphor of the uncertainties that can have a tremendous impact on someone's life; showing us in a short amount of time how quickly and unexpectedly, one small event can be catastrophic.


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- 2021 Webby - Honoree
- 2021 YDA - Nominee
- 2020 Cresta Awards - Gold for Outstanding Direction
- 2020 Kinsale Shark Awards - Shortlist in production design & short film under 5 min.
- 2020 LIFT-OFF Los Angeles Film Festival - Shortlist
- 2020 Berlin Commercial Awards - Nomination in Direction, Idea, Cultural Impact, Editing & Cinmeatography. 

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